Fun Facts about Sweet n’ Spicy

I’m a total foodie and enjoy both eating out and trying new recipes at home. 

I am Indian and that shines through in everything I cook and bake.  That means I add extra spices to most of my dishes and I like my desserts to be sweet and flavorful. 

I love to create things and experiment therefore you won’t find me following a recipe exactly.

I’m a huge fan of the food network as well as all internet sites related to the culinary world.  I collect recipes, magazine and cookbooks; so much so that I’m running out of space to store them.  However I’ve recently realized the value of archiving them using my Iphone or finding them on one of the many recipe apps available. 

I am the proud owner of an adorable boxer named Mcclain and every so often you may see a picture or recipe post related to him.

While I love to cook and bake, my real passion is for baking and I hope  some day to open up my own cafe.


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