Holiday Dog Treats

Happy 2013!  While it is the new year, I’m still in holiday mode and since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something I figured now would be a good time as any, to squeeze in another post…or 2 about treats for the holiday season.   This post is a little different than my others as this is a recipe for treats for those four legged creatures we call “man’s best friend.”  For those who don’t know we have an adorable boxer named McClain and like most people who have doggies, we spoil him like crazy!  Of course it doesn’t hurt that he is adorable and knows it too! Of course, just like the rest of the family, he gets treats and toys for christmas!  It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a bunch of ripped and unstuffed toys laying around the day after Christmas.  Here’s the pic I took of him and our Christmas tree this year.

Micky 2012

Happy Holidays!

I love all doggies and am being totally bias but…doesn’t he have the cutest face??

As with any family member you want to ensure your doggie stays healthy for the duration of his or life and that’s the beauty of making your own doggie treats…you can control the ingredients!  I had some leftover butternut squash from Thanksgiving as I had only used half of it for one of my side dishes. I froze the other half until I knew what I wanted to make.  In early December I did some research and found out that both butternut squash and pumpkin are good for a dogs digestive system helping them stay healthier!  After that I knew I would use the rest of the butternut squash to make doggie treats.  In addition, a lot of our friends have dogs so the treats also ended up being a part of their gifts…a win win situation!  Here are the ingredients:

As you can see, all natural ingredients and no added sugars.  All you need to do is mix all of the ingredients together to form a dough that you can roll out and cut into shapes just like you would with sugar cookies!  The fruits of my labor are shown below:

Camera Uploads

As with any gift the fun part is in the presentation!  Here’s how I decided to package my doggie treats:

Camera Uploads1

And here is McClain waiting very patiently for his treat…I hope your doggie enjoys these treats as much as McClain did!

Yummy Yummy!

Yum Yum!


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