Learn Piping Techniques

Yesterday I took a class at Sugar Flower Cake Shop in NYC on how to use a piping bag and pipe designs on a cake.  I figured it would be a cool class to take considering I can bake really well, but sometimes lack in the decorating department.  To say I loved it would be a huge understatement!  Sugar Flower Cake Shop get bonus points in that the baking staff was super helpful never hesitating to help someone who’s technique wasn’t perfect, and for giving everyone who attended the class the template they used in class so the piping techniques could be practiced at home.  Oh and lets not forget the extra bonus points for giving everyone who attends the class the recipe for their buttercream.    Usually I’m not fond of buttercreams because even though I have a huge sweet tooth, I find them too sweet.  However, the buttercream that Sugar Flower Bake Shop makes is out of this world, perhaps it’s because they use fresh, locally sourced ingredients?  You be the judge.  Below are some pics of me and my newly acquired piping skills.  In short, the class was amazing and I want to use this blog post to let everyone know that if you get the chance, you should take one of their classes.  They offer a lot more than just classes on piping techiniques.   In fact they are well known for their realistic sugar flowers which I saw first hand on display in their shop.  They really do look like real flowers.  For those who are interested I found a deal for this class on Living Social,  and I’ve seen if offered a few times.  During my class, the cake shop announced it would post a dealon their classes fairly soon on Google Deals.  I am now looking forward to signing up for the Sugar Flower Techniques class.  Below is a collage of some of the sugar flowers made by the cake show.  If you click on the picture you should be redirected to their website where you can see their portfolio as well as the many classes they offer.  It doesn’t hurt that the cake shop has been featured on The Knot, Wedding Wire and on Martha Stewarts show!

Has anyone else taken their classes before or had their cake done by them for an occasion?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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